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Conservation And Preservation Of Stained Glass Nationwide
In Situ Restoration begins with stained glass evalutaion - Hershey's Stained Glass Studio
In Situ Restoration interior window cleaning  - Hershey's Stained Glass Studio
Bulging discovered In Situ evaluation, brace bars to be added to prevent future occurrence - Hershey's Stained Glass Studio

It is impossible to completely identify all the items in need of maintenance without accessing each window during the stained glass evaluation. Hershey’s Stained Glass Studio has instituted a general maintenance procedure which will allow our craftsmen to inspect each window and complete the following services:

  • (A) Cleaning the Interior of the Stained Glass

    Hershey’s Stained Glass Studio craftsmen will clean the interior surface of the stained glass window by spraying a special liquid cleaning solution on the stained glass window and then wiping the solution off with a soft cloth. Although Hershey’s Stained Glass Studio craftsmen are very thorough in their cleaning procedures, it is impossible to remove heavy lime deposits or paint over spray (etc.) with this cleaning method. Hershey’s Stained Glass Studio can provide other cleaning methods on a time and material basis. Windows with painted glass will be tested for stability. The correct cleaning method will be determined by the foreman in charge of the project.

  • (B) Repairing Cracked Glass

    Maintaining the originality is an important part of a proper restoration, Hershey’s Stained Glass Studio craftsmen will repair all possible cracks with optically clear adhesive or by using the dutchmen technique. The method of repair is chosen based on structural requirements and artistic design. The exact method or methods used will be determined by the job foreman thus guaranteeing a quality restoration.

  • (C) Resecure All Loose Braces

    Loose brace bars will be resecured by either resoldering the broken joint or installing a new wire tie. Braces that are damaged or bent will be replaced with a new steel brace.

  • (D) Weak Areas

    Areas that exhibit an inability to resist bulging will have a brace bar installed to prevent any future occurrence. The new brace bars will be installed to achieve maximum support with minimum intervention to the windows artistic design.

  • (E) Interior Divider Bars

    Hershey’s Stained Glass Studio craftsmen will remove any loose putty on the stained glass divider bars and reputty those bars. After putting is complete each bar will be painted to preserve and prevent rusting. In some cases the divider bars will be reglazed using Silpruf® sealant. Silpruf® does not require any painting and will remain flexible.

Items A through E describe the work performed in our general maintenance procedure. Other items of repair will be described independently and individually specified.

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